Yahoo Gets a Makeover

A not so long time ago in a galaxy not so far faraway, Yahoo was the go-to site for email, messaging and information. But over the years its popularity waned as newer, hipper, more efficient and sometimes simpler sites like Microsoft and Google came into being Samsung Universal Print Driver.

Yahoo Messenger once ruled the roost, attracting droves of internet users to it so that they could chat with friends, family and contacts online yet outside of a public chat room webhard music. And Yahoo’s mail service was also something to be reckoned with—citing thousands of customers that flocked to its service long before Google’s gmail took over the throne 링크로 이미지 다운로드.

For years, Yahoo’s patronage dwindled because users started to view the company and its services as antiquated, unhip, or passé. But that’s all about to change—or so the company hopes TouchFighter bugplate. Yahoo, in an effort to win back American users, is updating its Homepage and Mobile App—giving it a fresh new look that will appeal to the modern user 트랜스 음악 다운로드.

According to Simon Khalaf, Yahoo’s senior vice president of mobile and emerging products, the new look is aimed at “making creation of conversations easier with a community.”Khalaf states the updated homepage will feature more news, better content and trending video feeds that users can customize according to their preferences Maximum the hormone. Top stories, sports, entertainment, technology, science, gossip and more—Yahoo is looking to the latest trends that populate the web and mesmerize the masses 영화 조한 다운로드.

Yahoo has also updated its Google play store app—making it more responsive. Now it loads faster and takes up less data than it used to—allowing users to browse through content quicker and easier 사랑의 인사 다운로드. News articles are now readable within app—whereas before, users had to wait for a written piece to open up in a new browser.

While Yahoo Mail may not have the number of users that it used to have, it still has a significant piece of the email pie, citing over 100 million installations of its service 캡티브 다운로드. The mobile email app lets users swipe through their mail like every other provider, but one big difference is that Yahoo allows you to customize what your swiping actually does OneLand 8.9 Download. You can now make it swipe left to delete or swipe down to place an email to archive, read it or whatever suits your fancy. There are also other options that let you bulk edit.

While the new options may not seem monumental, Yahoo doesn’t mind. They feel that the way to the top doesn’t require one giant leap. Baby steps will do the job just as well … just not as quickly.

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